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Chicago, IL

Cities of Peace seeks to amplify the struggles of young people in Chicago and Phnom Penh as they organize to transform harm and create community healing. Using their own site-specific histories as a jumping off point, the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Peace Institute of Cambodia will form Community Peace Councils which will interrogate the roots of structural and relational violence and practice transformative justice. They will produce a documentary film, develop exhibitions, and participate in an international exchange which will culminate in a Community Peacebuilding Summit in Chicago in the summer of 2015.


Questions and reflections, transformations, and manifestations by and for Cities of Peace. 


What peace can and should look like

Maria De La Paz

Photo courtesy of Zakkiyyah Dumas

Photo courtesy of Zakkiyyah Dumas

Being a part of Cities of Peace has impacted my healing, activists, and artist practices in several ways. By examining the unique histories of peace and violence in different places I’m forced to imagine what peace can, and should, look like in my own community. These acts of examination and imagination, along with the colorful group dialogs that Cities of Peace regularly cultivates, have encouraged me to advance my own practices.

Cities of Peace has provided the space, environment, and conversations that have allowed me to think and act on these ideas. I now find myself asking more frequently how I fit into the bigger picture, how I might be contributing to the positive and negatives systems at work, and how I can more intentionally use my healing, activists, and artist practices in ways that will most benefit my peers and my community.